7 good places to eat in Paris. (Je n’écris pas bien le français)

Last night my friend Etienne asked me to write him a list of the GOOD places to eat in Paris from my perspective as a chef, so I came up with the stupid idea of writing a blog post about some good places in English. You can probably tell by the picture WHY i thought this was a nice idea at the time.


Me and souschef Lorenzo outside the Chateaubriand. Blurry vision

I had just eaten one of the best meals i´we ever had in Le Chateaubriand wich is the nr. 1 spot, and he stopped by to have a glass. I mean I´we eaten there 100 times already and if you look up the name on the interwebs, im pretty sure you´ll see what the hype´s all about.

Im not gonna range the places, give points or roll a dice on them, ill just tell you what i think and what to get when you go.

Here we go:

Le Chateaubriand

Great produce at it´s best, that´s word to Jamie Allen. This is the greatest place i´we worked (just a few weeks as an extra), the vibe is just nice all the way. San Pellegrino ranging them as nr. 9 in the worlds top 50. Get the todays menu fixed-price at 50-55 €, as you don´t have much of a choice anyhow. True value for money. Great wine cart, talk to Seb about that one. All over natural beverages. Lovely service and the food is top class. Rock n´roll.

Cabillaud au betterave

You should allso try out the winebar and tapas place Le Dauphin next door, opened up and run by the same good people. Good selection of natural wines and beautiful food. Rem Koolhaas designed the place, turned it in to a marble sweat-box. A beautiful marble sweat-box. He allso didthis. 🙂

Lao LAne Xiang

Three brothers running three restaurants. This one is run by «No-ID»,who is allso a hip-hop producer (i did NOT speculate in why he chose a name like this, beeing laotienne in Paris). IF you can´t get a table here wich is probably not gonna happen, you can go across the road to where Lao Lane Xang 2 is situated. The food is just as good, but 1 % more expensive and the vibe is not as rock and roll.


Authentic Lao place. Cheap, cheap and cheap. The reasonable prices are one thing, but the quality and flawor of the food is why i kept coming back. Try the NemLao, Curry rouge, Yam Neua, Steak lao, Sam Tom/Tom Sam,  Travers Porc citronelle and Steak Lao. Mmmm.. Drink lao beer, don´t bother with the not so good wines.

Au Passage

That nights menu

This is where Pierre Derrien and James E. Henry works. Good people. James used to work at Spring and Pierre at Verre Volé.

Lunch menu is 13 €, and at night the prices vary from 7-17 € for the starters and mains. Small selection of good Natural wines. What to get? Take it all. Very nice food. Good vibes.

Ravioli Chinois Nord-est

This one is a pearl. The spot to go sundays when your head feels to small. Go there and get the grilled raviolis, dip them in soysauce and black vinegar. You pay 4 € for 10 pieces. If you want you can buy 100 pieces with you for 20 €, wich is a steal. If i had a restaurant in Paris, i would have her making my raviolis. 10 pieces is enough, but it´s hard to resist eating 40 of them.

Le Verre Volé

One of the coolest places to work and «dine and wine», for me that´s a solid quantity of wine involved in both cases. This is allso a wineshop, so Ciril the owner decided they only add 7€ to whatever bottle you buy if you want to drink it there. Wine or liquer. Great food. Very nice produce. Menu is decided from todays market, so you never know what to expect. Sometimes it´t lobster from Bretagne and other times it could be tripe from inside a cow. You can allso buy your natural wines at the Verre Vole Cave in Oberkamf.


Bravo Bertrand. Natural wines a la pression. 🙂 !

One red and one white. This is just an outrageously f*** nuts idea wich i love. They do a todays menu similar to Le Chateaubriand, but are allso open for lunch. Go!


This is the nr. 1 spot for japaneese UDON noodles. Get the Kunitora noodles. A big bowl of thick white noodles with salsify and shaved pork belly. I love it. I think i was there 50 times during my year in Paris. Maybe more.


  1. This is a great list! I love all of the places you’ve listed. The only one I haven’t tried is the ravioli place which is right near my apartment so I will be trying it very soon. Thanks for the tip 🙂 Keep them coming!

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